Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)


An arm lift (Brachioplasty) reduces the excess skin and fat between the underarm and elbow and reshapes the arm with smoother skin and contours.


Over time skin loses its elasticity all over the body. This can lead to sagging skin around the upper arm area that leaves many feeling self-conscious. Dr. Delia understands that this feeling of unease and discomfort can profoundly affect other aspects of a patient’s life. Sagging skin in the upper arm area can prevent people from wearing certain clothes and even performing certain activities.


Dr. Delia believes in creating a safe environment where patients feel comfortable discussing their aesthetic goals. As a plastic surgeon, he excels at marrying science and art for optimized results. He believes that while he may be treating one specific area, that part is connected to the whole. Each patient and surgery is tailored to the individual. Dr. Delia collaborates with his patients and listens to what they want; this nurturing approach sets him apart.

What does an arm lift address?

An arm lift can restore a youthful appearance to the upper arms and regain patient confidence. When it comes to Brachioplasty, attention to detail is critical, and creating a proportional and contoured appearance is key. The best candidates for an arm lift surgery have pockets of fat or loose, sagging skin that has not responded well to diet and exercise. Dr. Delia will help determine if this operation is the best procedure to address your desires and aesthetic goals. His goal is always to empower and inspire inner-confidence in his patients, starting with outward appearance.

What does it entail?

Dr. Delia typically makes an inconspicuous incision along the underside of the arms to remove extra stretched skin. Then the arms are tightened for a smoother, more physically fit appearance. The resultant scar will be kept as light and as inconspicuous as possible. Some bruising and swelling may be seen after the surgery which will lessen over the recovery period.


The procedure is best for patients who have a significant amount of excess skin or fat in the upper arm area. It’s also necessary to mention that the patient should maintain a stable weight to have realistic expectations for surgery. This procedure will reduce excess skin and fat deposits between the underarm and the elbow. It reshapes the skin and contours of the upper arm, and gives the arms a more toned appearance.

After the procedure

This procedure may involve the use of a compression garment for several days to help healing. Dr. Delia can perform this surgery on an outpatient basis and most patients can resume normal activities within one week after the arm lift procedure.


There may be some postoperative discomfort, but this is typically managed with oral medications and will subside after a few days. Although you may go home after the surgery, it is advised that a capable adult stay with you for the first 24 hours following the surgery to monitor recovery.


Strenuous activity should be avoided for 4 weeks. Scars from the operation will naturally fade within a few months following the procedure.

Who are the best candidates?

Significant skin redundancy of the upper arms in patients with massive weight loss respond well to this type of surgery.

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