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Cosmetic Forehead Lift Surgery – Boston


Deep furrows on the forehead, frown lines over the eyes, drooping eyebrows and hood-like skin over the eyes are all conditions that can make you look older than you are or feel. Whether age or heredity causes these conditions, a forehead lift (or brow lift) can give you a more youthful, well-rested appearance.  Dr. Stephen Delia has been providing forehead lifts for many years in his practice.

Slight changes in the height of the eyebrows can have major effects on your apparent age and remarkable effect on how your eyes appear.  Many women pluck or wax their eyebrows in order to change the height of their brow.  A higher arched eyebrow is a sign of youth and can highlight your eyes and draw attention to them.  A droopy eyebrow with hooding of the eyelids, may draw attention away from your eyes, and is more typical of the male brow.

The forehead and eyebrows make up the upper one-third of the face.  A standard face and neck lift is really a lift of the lower two-thirds of the face and neck.  A forehead lift is a facelift of the upper one-third of the face.  It may be combined with a standard face and neck lift or an eyelid lift to provide a more harmonious overall facial rejuvenation.

A forehead lift is recommended for people whose eyebrows have become droopy with time and whose forehead has deep wrinkles.  It is a more permanent way to improve the deep horizontal and vertical grooves on the forehead that develop after years of facial expression.

Who are good candidates for a brow lift of forehead lift?

A forehead lift, also known as a brow lift, can minimize the visible signs of aging in the upper face; drooping eyebrows, “hooding” over the eyes, deep forehead furrows, and deep frown lines. Although often coupled with facelift surgery, men and women of any age may benefit from a forehead lift to correct inherited conditions such as droopy brows or deep frown lines.

The Surgery

There are a variety of techniques for a forehead/brow lift and Dr. Delia will meet with you to determine the most effective method to achieve your desired goal.

The Recovery

There is some recovery involved, however, with less invasive up-to-date techniques, this may be minimized.  Many people may say how well rested you look, or ask if you’ve changed your hairstyle.  This procedure alone can make you look anywhere from five to ten years younger.

If you have been considering a facial rejuvenation procedure, a forehead/brow lift may be the answer for you.  We encourage you to contact our office today and schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Delia.  Call 781 934-1599 today.

Dr. Stephen Delia