Chemical Peels


Chemical face peels are treatments that improve the skin’s overall appearance and texture. During a peel, a chemical solution is applied to the skin. The new skin is usually smoother and more supple. Chemical peels can be done on the face and neck.


 What do chemical peels address?

Peels are the perfect treatment if you’re looking to:

  • Reduce fine lines and minimize pores
  • Treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging
  • Improve the appearance of mild scars
  • Treat certain types of acne
  • Reduce age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma) due to pregnancy or hormonal changes
  • Improve the overall look and texture of the skin
  • Improve elasticity, skin hydration and tone

What does a chemical peel entail?

After thoroughly cleansing the skin, sometimes an agent is used to lower the ph of the skin to accept the product. We apply the peel with light strokes, sometimes doing multiple passes. As the solution begins to penetrate, you may experience a tingling sensation ranging from mild to intense depending on the strength of the peel. An application of soothing creams and sunscreen will complete the treatment. The entire procedure takes about 15-30 minutes.

After the treatment

After the post-peel flaking, many patients will comment that their skin feels smoother and looks brighter. Although you will likely see a difference after just one treatment, a series of peels is ideal for maximum results. For patients who have more severe signs of aging, multiple treatments are recommended.


After a chemical peel, the skin is temporarily more sensitive to the sun, so wear sunscreen every day. It should say “broad spectrum” on the label, meaning it protects against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Also, it should be a physical sunscreen and be above SPF 30. Limit your time in the sun, especially between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm and wear a wide-brimmed hat.


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