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Cosmetic Mommy Makeover Surgery – Boston


Although becoming a mother is one of the most fulfilling experiences in a woman’s life, it may produce profound physical changes during and after pregnancy which can alter a new mom’s self-esteem.

Dr. Delia takes great pride in offering “Mommy Makeover” procedures to improve those areas of the body affected by pregnancy that may be resistant to diet and exercise.

Dr. Delia’s goal is to provide a variety of cosmetic enhancement procedures to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy figure.

What are the Mommy Makeover Options offered by Dr. Delia?

The Mommy Makeover options may involve a combination of procedures to provide an aesthetic rejuvenation or body contouring surgery. These may involve:

  • Facial rejuvenation procedures to provide a more youthful, rested appearance.
  • Breast volume enhancement.
  • Breast sagging reduction.
  • Abdominal skin and fat reduction.
  • Reduction of stretch marks.
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Liposuction

Dr. Delia will develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment program at the initial consultation to address each particular patient’s needs to achieve optimal rejuvenation or restoration of her pre-pregnancy figure.

Who are Candidates for a Mommy Makeover Procedure?

If you realize that your figure and appearance are not as you once had and you notice the changes may be because or pregnancies you more than likely are a candidate for a mommy makeover.

We recommend you contact our office today to schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Delia to determine if you are a candidate for a Mommy Makeover

All our office today at 781 934-1599 or contact us on line. Dr. Delia has found this to be a very positive decision of many of his patients.


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