Cosmetic Arm Lift Surgery – Boston


The upper arms may develop excess stretched out and sagging skin that may be difficult to improve with diet and exercise. This flaccid skin is not uncommon after extreme weight loss and as a result of aging. Dr. Delia is pleased to offer an arm lift/arm tuck (brachioplasty) procedure to help remove and tighten this extra stretched out skin in the arms which results in a more firm and fit appearance to the upper arms.

Arm Tuck Procedure

Dr. Delia typically will make an inconspicuous incision along the underside of the arms to remove extra stretched out skin and tighten the arms for a smoother, more physically fit appearance. The resultant scar will be kept as light and as inconspicuous as possible. Some bruising and swelling may be seen after the surgery; this will lessen over the recovery period. This procedure may involve use of a compression garment for several days to help healing. Dr. Delia can perform this surgery on an outpatient basis and most patients can resume normal activities within one week after the arm lift procedure.