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Dear Dr. Delia,
Thank you for your kind, compassionate and skillful treatment of me both before, during and after surgery.
I look forward to less upper back pain, now that I finally had this successful surgery with such a skillful surgeon.


Dear Dr. Delia,

This note is to thank you for your care and concern on my recent surgery, breast reduction and abdominoplasty.
I feel I had excellent care and was able to call on you and your wonderful staff with any questions I had.
You made what would have been unpleasant procedures very comfortable and bearable.

Thanks Again, K.V.

I am a 51 year old breast cancer survivor.

I was diagnosed and had a mastectomy on 2002. I underwent breast reconstruction at the same time, but the saline implant eventually encapsulated. I decided to have the implant removed, but did not know who should do the surgery. My general surgeon recommended Dr. Stephen Delia, as he had scrubbed in with Dr. Delia and said he was very good.

Upon meeting Doctor Delia I felt at ease discussing the options for another reconstruction. We both decided on a Tram Flap surgery. Tram Flap is a procedure where the abdominal fat, attached to the Rectus Abdominal muscle, is tunneled under the skin, turned and then placed in the area of the missing breast. Not a simple surgery!!! Dr. Delia did a beautiful job. After a number of months, he then created a nipple and tattooed and areola on my new breast. I remember looking at the reconstructed breast and as corny as this may sound, tears came to my eyes. I could not believe how normal I finally looked.

After a year, I decided to have a mini face lift and lower eye lids done, as I looked tired and older than I felt inside. I knew Dr. Delia was the one I wanted to do the surgery. I called his office and his wonderful staff had me in to discuss my plan with Dr. D. He understood exactly what I had in mind, gave me time to think about the surgery. Two months later I had the face lift. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Friends who knew I was having the nip/tuck, could not believe how incredible my face and neck looked. Friends who did not know I was having the surgery would say that I looked well rested, not realizing why … PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

I love Dr. Delia and all of his staff. He made my having survived breast cancer and even greater accomplishment.


When the decision was made to have a Breast Reduction, I began my research on qualified surgeons. Dr. Delia was on the top of my list. He came highly recommended and with impressive qualifications. I met with him and was confident in his ability to do this procedure. He was honest and professional with his expectations of the outcome. I had the procedure and I have never been so happy with the results! It has changed my life and given me more self esteem and confidence I have never had before. Thank you Dr. Delia, I made the right choice!


Everything about my experience with Dr. Delia and his staff was the best. My before care and after care was perfect. Not only was I very happy with the Dr. but Linda in the front office was so helpful with any questions I had and she helped me 110% with any prep I had. I would recommend Dr. Delia and his staff to anyone who maybe thinking of cosmetic surgery.