Breast Enhancement Procedures

Breast Enhancement Procedures

Breast enhancement procedures can do several things. They can increase fullness and projection of the breasts. Improve the balance of breast and hip contours. Enhance self-image and self-confidence. Breast enhancement procedures are one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures.


Best Candidates for Breast Enhancement – Breast Enhancement Procedures

Women experiencing loss of volume after weight loss or pregnancy are great candidates. Those whose natural breast volume has diminished due to aging or significant weight loss enjoy the benefits of breast enhancement. Woman become satisfied with breast enhancement procedure results more often than not.


What Does the Procedure Entail? – Breast Enhancement Procedures


Breast surgery procedures usually take about one hour.  There are a variety of techniques utilized to obtain the best results. Small incisions Breast Surgery Procedures Duxburyminimize visible scarring. Dr. Delia will discuss which incision options are best for your desired outcome. Typical options include the fold under the breast. This is along with the areolar edge and in the armpit. After the incision, Dr. Delia will insert the implant into a pocket under the pectoral muscle or behind the breast tissue.


How Long is the Recovery? – Breast Enhancement Procedures


Following the procedure, patient’s breasts are wrapped in dressings, bandages or support bra. This minimizes swelling and add support during the healing process. Typically, patients are free to go home one hour after surgery. Patients may take pain medication as needed. Pain should subside after one to five days. In most cases, patients can perform light exercises after three weeks. Full activity usually resumes after six weeks.


How to Choose the Right Surgeon?  – Breast Enhancement Procedures


There’s a lot of choices when searching for reliable breast augmentation in Boston. Dr. Delia has been a leader in breast surgery in Boston for over 20 years. Contact us.  We’ll schedule you for a free consultation. Your ideal body is a phone call away.  Call now: 781-934-1599