Helpful Recovery Tips When Considering Plastic Surgery

Helpful Recovery Tips When Considering Plastic Surgery

medicationIt is important to know that your recovery period following cosmetic surgery is just as important as the procedure itself. It is helpful when possible to stock-up on any necessary supplies and fill all prescriptions prior to surgery.

Most physicians suggest their patients have assistance when returning home for the first 24-72 hours following surgery. This will allow you to recuperate, while someone else keeps you comfortable during the immediate post-operative period.

Your doctor will provide you with complete post-operative care instructions. These instructions should be followed carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, call your physician immediately.

Pain medication may be prescribed. This medication should be taken as directed for pain control. Under no circumstance should you drive while taking medication, as it can alter your judgment and delay your response time.

Be realistic – the truth is when you undergo most plastic surgery procedures, you may look worse before you look better. Nearly all cosmetic surgical procedures involves some swelling and bruising. As the swelling and bruising fades, you will begin to see your results. Do not dwell on what you look like right after surgery; allow your body time to recover and heal.