Want Longer Eyelashes?? Here’s How!!

Want Longer Eyelashes?? Here’s How!!

One has only to turn on their TV to view Brooke Shields promoting the benefits of using Latisse.

This product has recently been approved by the FDA for treatment of thin eyelashes. Latisse has shown to increase the length and fullness of the eyelashes.

Latisse stimulates eyelash follicles in the resting stage to transition to the growth phase and keeps them in the growth phase longer. To lengthen lashes, you apply one drop of Latisse to a clean eyeliner brush and brush through the lashes. (eyeliner brushes are included with the product)

Results are apparent within four weeks. You must continue treatments on an ongoing basis to maintain results.

This product is available by prescription only. Call Dr. Delia now to make an appointment to see if you would be a candidate for this treatment.

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