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Dr. Stephen Delia is an 20 year experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  He is known for the artistry of his surgical skill and provides the highest quality advanced cosmetic surgical services for patients. His philosophy is to render honest care through highly individualized treatment plans for each patient.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Facial Procedures

Dr. Stephen Delia offers a variety of facial enhancement procedures that assist patients to look and feel their best.

Plastic Surgery

Body Contouring

We all have a desired look for our bodies. However, sometimes dieting and exercise do not provide the results you want. Dr. Delia offers many body contouring procedures that can contour your body.

Breast Enhancement

As we age our breasts tend to lose their shape. Also, some individuals have breasts that are not as attractive as they would like. Dr. Delia can meet with you to discuss your desired goal and offer recommendations for you.

Non surgical

Although you may not be ready for surgical procedures, there are many non-surgical treatments and services that can enhance your appearance and possibly stave off the need for surgery.


I Had an Amazing Experience

Dr. Delia is such a kind and talented man. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. He truly changed my life. In March of 2018 I had an arm lift as well as a breast lift. I have lost well over 100lbs with diet and exercise but I still had issues with loose skin on my arms and breasts. I’m 39 years old and I’ve maintained my weight for about 15 years, so I felt like it was finally time to put the finishing touches on all my hard work.

I called Dr. Delia’s office and spoke to Mary who is an absolute delight to deal with. I scheduled a consultation and Dr. Delia showed me photos of previous patients. He explained that there would be scarring and went over the pros and cons. The pros definitely outweighed the cons so o decided to do it! I was very fortunate that Dr. Delia was able to schedule me for the following week. I realize that’s not typical so I interpreted it as a sign that I was making the right decision.

The surgery was a breeze. The nurses and medical staff at the Beth Israel Hospital in Plymouth were fabulous. They were all very kind, comforting and compassionate.

There were times I had some questions and they might have been silly questions, but Dr. Delia and Mary never made me feel that way. They always took time to explain things at length to put my mind at ease.

My recovery was pretty easy. I took 6 days off from work, but I rested for a total of 10 days because I had a couple of weekends in there. I really didn’t feel much pain at all. I only took pain killers the first 2 days to sleep. I just took it easy and I was fine. I followed all of his instructions and went for all my follow up appointments. Dr. Delia gave me advice on how to minimize the scarring. He gave me the proper undergarments. I needed 2 because I had 2 surgeries. He explained my limitations. I felt better and better every week.

I don’t have pictures of my breast lift, but I do have pictures of my arms. For the first time in my lift I’m wearing beautiful strapless dresses and tops with confidence. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made! I highly recommend Dr. Delia. This surgery was a pleasant experience and it was so much easier than I anticipated!

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