Are your hands revealing your true age?

Are your hands revealing your true age?

Hand rejuvenation has become a hot topic since tabloids report that  Madonna wears funky gloves during her public appearances to hide her aging hands.

The skin on the hands is thin and it gets thinner as we age.  They are frequently exposed  to sunlight and all its associated photo-aging effects.  As the  fatty layer of the hands starts to disappear, skin becomes more translucent, shriveled and the underlying tendons and veins become more prominent.

There are several  cosmetic techniques for  hand rejuvenation that can help address these problems.  Lost volume can be replaced by filler products  such as Juvederm and Radiesse which is  injected under the skin to help restore volume and help hide bulging veins and tendons.  Also, autogenous fat, taken from your body fat cells can be used for this purpose.

A good remedy for nasty brown spots sometimes called liver spots, is the intense pulse laser (IPL).

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