Reality television may have hit a new low with the new show “Bridalplasty”.  The premise of the show is having twelve soon-to-be brides competing with one another to win the plastic surgical procedures of their choice. The show ends with a $100,000 dream wedding for the winner paid for by “E” network at which time the bride will unveil her new look to her husband at the time of the wedding.

Philip Haeck, M.D., President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons stated,” After seeing all the other plastic surgery shows, Hollywood seems to have exhaused the well for unique ideas.  It is shocking to have seen the lengths to which people will go to mix plastic surgery with the institution of marriage.”

These types of reality programs can lead to unrealistic expectations of patients and the safety concerns associated with multiple surgical procedures being performed at the same time.

ASPS member surgeon Garry Brody, M.D., stated on ABC news, “It’s a bad idea on two counts, one the patient is rushing a surgery, which is dangerous, and more importantly it’s totally unethical to offer plastic surgery as the result of a contest.” The Boston Herald wrote recently that this show might be the most depressing series ever to be aired on television.

It is important when considering a plastic surgical procedure to do your homework.  Make sure the plastic surgeon is board certified and a member in good standing with the American Society of Plastic Surgery.The importance of the consultation for both the patient and the physican is to create dialog that will lead to a relationship of trust for both parties. **see blog written on 7/9/10 on cosmetic consultations for more information.