Cosmetic Surgical Options/Post-Bariatric Surgery

Cosmetic Surgical Options/Post-Bariatric Surgery

Numerous articles continue to be written about the dangers of obesity and the many health problems associated with being overweight. Some people choose to undergo bariatric surgery to address their weight problems.

Unfortunately with extreme weight loss in a relatively short period of time, the skin does not shrink to accommodate this weight fluctuation. The post-bariatric patient may be left with excess hanging skin in such areas as the face, breast, upper and lower abdomen, arms and thighs. This excess skin may cause significant psychological and physical problems such as skin irritation and skin breakdown.

A variety of cosmetic procedures may be helpful to achieve a new body image after such weight loss.

1. Rhytidectomy/facelift-helps to tighten the loose skin of the face and neck.
2. Abdominoplasty/tummy tuck-removes excess skin, tightens abdominal muscles to create a more
slender waistline and flatter stomach.
3. Brachioplasty/arm lift-excess skin is removed to create a tighter, firmer appearance to the arm.
4. Thigh lift-excess skin is removed to create a tighter, firmer appearance to the thigh area.

These procedure help post-bariatric patients enjoy their new slimmer body that they have worked so hard to attain. Many of these procedures are considered cosmetic surgerical procedures and may not be covered by health insurance. They may, however lead to more harmonious overall body contour and improve quality of life.

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