Liposuction Procedure – Dr. Stephen Delia

Liposuction Procedure – Dr. Stephen Delia

Liposuction Procedure tion is used to shape the body. Changes in appearance are sometimes possible using this body contouring technique.This is not a procedure that produces significant loss of weight when measured on a scale. It is a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, not a substitute for diet and exercise.

Your Liposuction Consultation

During your first Liposuction Boston visit, Dr Stephen Delia, M.D. will examine you considering factors such as the Liposuction Procedurequality of skin, the amount of underlying fatty tissue, and the contour of your body. Be prepared to discuss any medical conditions you may have such as allergies, prior surgeries and medications, vitamins or other supplements that you currently take. It is important for you to provide complete information.


Dr. Delia is concerned about your health and safety and depending on your medical status may ask for additional evaluations before proceeding with liposuction surgery.


You will learn about the procedure, its limitations and risks, and board certified Massachusetts plastic surgeon Dr. Delia will discuss your needs and concerns. He will explain which Boston Liposuction surgical techniques are most appropriate for you based on your examination. Factors such as the distribution of fatty tissue and quality of skin tone. 

Liposuction Techniques

Depending on the extent of liposuction, your surgery is under local (tumescent liposuction) or general anesthesia. If done under local anesthesia, you may request sedation to achieve a “twilight” state. This helps keep you comfortable during the procedure. The incisions used to access the fat are usually no larger than a few millimeters. Cannulas, or long tubes, are then pass through the small incisions and the fats suctioned out.

The Day of Liposuction SurgeryLiposuction Procedure Dr. Stephen Delia Duxbury, MA

Before going to surgery, Dr. Delia draws around the areas.  The surgery usually takes 2 to 3 hours.

Surgery occurs as an outpatient procedure at our certified ambulatory surgery center. It also can be several affiliated hospitals with an overnight stay. Whether you stay overnight or not be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home and stay to help you the first few days while at home.