Successful Breast Surgery

Successful Breast Surgery

The increase in the size of the mammary glands is one of the most common operations in the field of plastic breast surgery. To Breast Surgerymammoplasty, women, and girls resort, displeased with the natural form of their breasts. However, before deciding on an operation, it is necessary to know the best options for plastic surgery in Boston.


There are not many medical indications for breast augmentation surgery. They concern the objective reasons why a doctor prescribes an operation. But there is also a natural desire to improve the aesthetic appeal of the breast if the natural shape and size do not satisfy their possessor. Among the “complaints” is not only the small size of the mammary glands but also their asymmetry.


Mammoplasty is often necessary and the most correct decision, if a woman feels embarrassed and dissatisfied with her external data, but she should be approved by a qualified plastic surgeon and a psychologist. Thanks to a successful operation, not only do self-esteem increase, but many psychological complexes and problems also disappear. In addition, an ideal body is a necessary requirement for some female professions from the field, for example, the fashion industry. To achieve the set goals in this area, you need to take care of the shape of your breasts. If, however, the cause of the operation for breast augmentation is exclusively dissatisfaction with by a partner, the achievement of the desired external characteristics will satisfy not only you but your loved one.


Breast Augmentation with The Use Of Implants

It is the most common kind of mammoplasty. Implants allow you to get a breast of any size or shape – it depends on the

Breast Surgery Procedures
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type of endoprosthesis chosen. There are several ways to implant implants, they differ in the shape and location of the incision. Also, several types of placement of implants are distinguished: between the muscle and the mammary gland, completely under the pectoral muscle or partially.


Types of Implants

The main criteria for selection should be the patient’s anatomical features and the desired result. In this case, the final decision is left for the doctor, who, based on his experience, can take into account all the subtleties and features of mammoplasty. Depending on the implant chosen, the specialist will also select the most appropriate method for performing the operation.


Modern implants have a low weight, high safety characteristics, and a natural form. Implants differ according to several criteria: form, type of filler and density. In the form of round implants and anatomical, with a natural drop-shaped form. Anatomical implants allow you to make the appearance of the breast more natural. Round implants retain the shape of the breast even when they are displaced, while the anatomical ones can deform.


Dense soft and dense implants, as well as soft touch implants, are distinguished by their density. Soft implants in density correspond to the tissues of the breast and do not hold the form particularly well. Dense implants do not deform, but have a less natural appearance. Soft touch implants are a medium in density and keep the shape fairly well.

Implants also differ in structural features of the shell: they separate products with a smooth and textured surface. Textured implants are less prone to bias, that is, more stable. However, they can cause the appearance of wrinkles on the skin as a result of the friction of the subcutaneous tissue on the surface of the product. Smooth implants do not cause such problems, however, at their introduction the risk of displacement is much greater.



Breast lift (mastopexy) can be performed with or without implants. Implants are introduced if the woman is dissatisfied not only with the shape of the breast but also with its size.