What is the best age to have a facelift?

What is the best age to have a facelift?

Actually, there is no best age to have a facelift.  We all age differently, some show early signs of aging by their 40’s, while others remain relatively tight until their 60’s.  These variances can be attributed to a number of factors such as, lifestyle, sun-exposure, smoking and genetic predisposition.

When a facelift is performed at a younger age the results tend to last longer because there is more elasticity in the tissue and the healing time is in many cases shorter.  A report by Drs. Lui and Osey in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery states that,” in both short and long-term follow-up, younger patients report higher satisfaction scores.”

The goal of facelift surgery is to restore a more youthful, rested appearance to the face by uplifting the sagging skin and improving the facial tone and tightening the underlying facial muscles.

The first step when considering a facelift is to consult with an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon.  At the time of your consultation the physician will educate you about the procedure.  Your goals and expectations will also be discussed and you will be given options to achieve your individual goals.

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