Breast Augmentation Warranty

Breast Augmentation Warranty

Recently we have seen several women in our practice with ruptured breast implants. If you are considering breast augmentation (enlargement) surgery it is important to understand that your implants might need to be replaced in your lifetime.

Allergan and Mentor, supply 99% of the implants used in the United States, offer free lifetime replacement on their failed devices. The companies do not cover all the other incidental costs of replacing your implant.

Below is the summation of the warranties-

.automatic enrollment at the time of your surgery
.lifetime product replacement
.silicone and saline implants are both covered
.during the 1st 10 years financial assistance of up to $1,200 for out- of -pocket expenses
.optional warranty plans are available for a fee through each implant company

To see the full warranty click on the links below.

http://www.mentorww … antyInformation.aspx