Less is More!

Less is More!

No doubt you’ve heard the saying “Less is more!” The adage is no less true when it comes to plastic surgery.

Recent trends in the industry emphasize less invasive surgery. Patients are especially eager for these kinds of options with their facial rejuvenation procedures because an “operated-on” look is frowned upon. 

In the past, if you wanted an eyelid tuck (technically known as lower blepharoplasty), you had to undergo significant, aggressive removal of fat pockets to reduce your lower eyelid bags.

But today, that same procedure can involve a less aggressive removal of these fat pockets. Because of this minimal invasion, the end result is a smoother eyelid-cheek junction. When the surgeon redrapes your eye tissue layers, you’re left with a more natural, rejuvenated look. 

Also, the use of fat grafting during facelift procedures can produce a significant facial rejuvenation but with a more natural, less “wind-swept” or “operated-on” appearance.   

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