Winter Skin Tips

Winter Skin Tips

winter skinEven though the winter skies are often cloudy and overcast, this doesn’t mean you can stop using sunscreen.

The key in winter is to moisturize thoroughly and occasionally treat yourself to a hydrating facial mask.

It is important to look for an ointment moisturizer that’s oil-based, rather than water-based. The oil helps to create a protective layer to the skin. Not all oils are good to use on your face. Look for “non-clogging” oils such as avocado, mineral, primrose or almond oil.

The clouds have very little effect on filtering out the harmful UVA rays responsible for causing wrinkles and skin cancers. Use a daily moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher to hydrate and protect your skin.

Not all lip balms are the same; some actually have anadverse effect. It’s best to use natural-oil-based balms or those with shea or cocoa butter with sunscreen protection of at least 15 SPF or higher.

Finally, stay away from tanning beds. Tanning beds not only cause the skin to age but may triple your chances of developing a melanoma skin cancer.